EL-6kw/9kw/12kw Fully Automatic Electric Steam Boiler

EL-6kw/9kw/12kw Fully Automatic Electric Steam Boiler

Product description

Boiler is made with specialize steel material and quality is inspected strictly in according to national production standards. All the boilers are in safe and reliable. Sufficient steam with stable pressure is generated in very quick in after boiler starts up by using high quality heating element. By using with copper head water supply motor, minimize the problem of blocking water pump system. Boiler is built with novel design and controlled by electronic control system in providing rapid steam supply. Build in with operation indication and sign for the whole operation, ensure user friendly and safe.


Model EL-6kw EL-9kw EL-12kw
Steam 10kg/h 14kg/h 18kg/h
Maximum Pressure 0.4Mpa 0.4Mpa 0.4Mpa
Water Filling Automatic Automatic Automatic
Voltage 220v/380v 380v 380v
Electric Power 6kw 9kw 12kw
Dimension 64x47x113cm 64x47x113cm 64x47x113cm
Weight 58kg 60kg 62kg


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