EL-181CP Multi-function Tension-free Cloth Inspection Machine (With Cloth Relaxing Feature)

EL-181CP Multi-function Tension-free Cloth Inspection Machine (With Cloth Relaxing Feature)

Product description

Applicable to cloth inspection, rolling, length measurement and relaxing all function in one for all kinds of knitted fabric, woven fabric, leather, PU and PPC products.

☆Using top grade Frequency Speed Modulator with the speed control for fabric tension adjustment.
☆Equipped with automatic fabric laying and feeding devices in avoiding fabric to be elongated and deformed during operation.
☆Equipped with automatic fabric spreading pedal to keep fabric laid neatly.
☆Roll fabric feeding in with roll form in taking-up can be operated both in front and back, easy for missed check fabric to be rewind for inspection again.
☆Roll fabric feeding in with flat fold taking-up operation, cloth inspection and releasing can be carried simultaneously to increase the production efficiency.
☆Loosen flat fold feeding in with roll taking-up or flat fold taking-up, same easy in cloth inspection.
☆Top grade mechanical meter counter to measure the inspected cloth length in precisely.
☆Human unity cloth inspection distance, reduce labor intensity
☆Strong fluorescent lamps on top and bottom to ensure having a clear fabric inspection in a glance.
☆Equipped with cloth relaxing pedal feature to lay the fabric in flat fold neatly for placement.





Model EL-181CP(72吋) EL-181CP(88吋)
Voltage 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
Working Width 1850mm 2250mm
Speed 0~50m/min 0~50m/min
Power 1.4kw 1.4kw
Weight 310kg 360kg
Dimension 2400x1050x1780mm 2800x1050x1780mm


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