EL-181LS-3 Automatic Edge Aligned Multi-function Fabric Inspection Machine

EL-181LS-3 Automatic Edge Aligned Multi-function Fabric Inspection Machine

Product description

Applicable to cloth inspection, cloth rolling and length measurement for all kinds of knitted fabric, woven fabric, leather, PU and PPC products.


☆Built-in infrared monitors the fabric feeding in avoiding fabric to be elongated and deformed during operation.
☆Built-in infrared automatic edge alignment device to ensure fabric winding all aligned.
☆Automatic stop and return to origin in after inspection completed.
☆Equipped with automatic fabric spreading pedal to keep the fabric lying in flat and consistently.
☆Using top grade Frequency Speed Modulator with the speed control at 0~50m/min for fabric tension adjustment.
☆Winding fabric can be carried in forward or backward in letting the operator easier to rewind the fabric for inspection again.
☆Using high quality transparent material and powerful fluorescent lamp on top and bottom, ensure having a clear fabric inspection.
☆Accurate meter counter for production record either in yard or meter on selection.
☆Equipped with front cloth roll inspection and bottom surface roll inspection feature.






Model EL-181LS-3(72吋) EL-181LS-3(88吋) EL-181LS-3(96吋)
Voltage 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
Working Width 1850mm 2250mm 2450mm
Speed 0~50m/min 0~50m/min 0~50m/min
Power 2kw 2kw 2kw
Weight 460kg 530kg 590kg
Dimension 2400x1500x1800mm 2800x1500x1800mm 3000x1500x1800mm


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