EL-103L Extended Shrinking Machine

EL-103L Extended Shrinking Machine

Product description

EL-103L adopts special humidifying treatment system, the steam heat drying and the cool curing as the fusion of three professional technologies to create such specific shrinking effect. The warp and weft yarn of fabric will be more stable in length in after the pre-shrink treatment from this shrinking machine. Minimize further shrinkage problem in after washing and ironing.


☆Equipped with infrared fabric loading system, ensures a certain pre-released fabric in between in tension-free.
☆Equipped with three chambers feature for humidifying, steam re-collection, drying and cooling zones linked up by Teflon mesh conveyor belt to ensure the whole process proceeding in tension-free condition.
☆Built in pneumatic belt correcting system, aligns the deviation from the conveyor belt to ensure the life time of the belt.
☆Applied with steam spraying in the humidifying zone, ensures cloth to absorb water as much as it can be in instant so as to achieve the best moisturizing effect.
☆Equipped with steam re-collection cover, exhausts away the residual water and air to ensure no water leakage. Environmental protection and save energy.
☆Applied with steam heat in the drying zone in evenly, no damage or over-heating the fabric.
☆The cooling zone equipped with strong upper and lower exhausted blowing fans to ensure the fabric to be cooled down quickly.
☆Equipped with swinging pedal, lay the shrunk fabric folded neatly for convenient arrangement placed.
☆Equipped with meter counter, measures the shrunk fabric length and so gets shrinkage rate.





Model EL-103L
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Conveyor Motor 0.75KW*1
Underneath Cooling Fan Motor 0.75KW*2
Upper Cooling Fan Motor 45W*4
Steam Sucking Motor 0.75KW*1
Fabric Loading Motor 120W*1
Belt Vibration Motor 120W*1
Air Pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa
Steam Consumption 200kg/hr
Working Speed 0~30M
Working Width 1800~2200mm
Net Weight 2300kg
Dimension 7000*3000*2000mm


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