EL-208 –III Two-sided Wetting Shrinking Machine (Spray Type)

EL-208 –III Two-sided Wetting Shrinking Machine (Spray Type)

Product description

Eily EL-208-Ⅲ Shrinking Machine, is our company honor product with the patented design by using two-sided wet spraying feature. It is the currently unique technology in the industry in which gets the National Patent (Patent No. 201120331278). It can help to shrink the fabric both the warp and weft to ensure to be in stable size condition, and then minimize the shrinkage problem from the processes of cutting, sewing and finishing. Make sure your garment product is in the best quality with such added value.


Conveyor section:
☆Adapted 3 independent speed adjustable conveyors with the advantages:
1、In according to the fabric properties, operator can choose differentiate feeding to ensure the fabric to be shrunk in the best shrinkage rate in vertically.
2、Independent conveyor belt in drying zone separate the water and fire as well as cold and heat air, ensure no erosion of the belt by the cool air and achieve the strongest drying power.
3、Independent conveyor belt in cooling zone avoid the heat influence from the hot conveyor belt, ensure the best cooling effect and save energy.
☆Front conveyor belt in which its speed can be adjusted to feed in the fabric into the wet spray zone in tension free.
☆Middle conveyor belt in which its speed can also be adjusted for feeding fabric into the heat drying zone in tension free.
☆Back conveyor in which its speed can also be adjusted for feeding fabric into the cooling zone in tension free.
☆Conveyor belt equipped with pneumatic and infra-red biasing correct system, ensure the belt would not be off and have longer life time.

Wet spraying section:
☆Equipped with cool spraying to apply to the top of fabric for wetting purpose (Patent design).
Steam wetting section:
☆Pure steam is sprayed to the back side of fabric to let both of cool and hot air mix together inside fabric. It can make sure fabric absorb enough of water vapor immediately to achieve the best wetting purpose.

Remaining steam recycled section:
☆Equipped with steam and the remaining to be recycled to let fabric can be shrunk wet again in the third times. Save energy and environment.

Cool and hot used water recycled section:
☆Equipped with special patent design for collecting of the cool and hot used water for recycling and saving purpose without any leakage problem.

Heat curing section:
☆Equipped with both steam drying and electric heat drying function in interaction (80℃---200℃ adjustable). This sophisticated theory to ensure fabric to dry immediately in order to achieve the best shrinkage effect in the shortest moment.

Cooling section:
☆ Equipped with powerful exhausted cooling fans on top and underneath to ensure fabric to be cooled down in stable condition.

Folding up section:
☆Equipped with swing paddling arm for releasing the shrunk fabric in fold form in tension free.

Meter counting section:
☆Equipped with precise meter counter to measure the length of shrunk fabric and get its shrinkage ratio.




Voltage 380V/50HZ
Steam Pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa
Steam Temperature 120℃~150℃
Steam Consumption 250kg~300kg
Air Pressure 0.4~0.7Mpa
Tap Water Consumption 80kg/hr
Working Width 2 m (can be customized)
Working Speed 0~16m/min
Shrinking ratio(depends on fabric) 3%~10%
High Pressure Water Pump Motor 1.5KW(1pcs)
Upper Wet Spray Exhaust Fan Motor 750W(1pcs)
Lower Wet Spray Exhaust Fan Motor 750W(1pcs)
Front Conveyor Motor 400W(1pcs)
Middle Conveyor Motor 400W(1pcs)
Back Conveyor Motor 400W(1pcs)
Steam Recycled Motor 750W(1pcs)
Heat Interchange Motor 750W(1pcs)
Lower Cooling Exhaust Fan Motor 750W(2pcs)
Vibrating Motor 120W(2pcs)
Upper Cooling Fan 45W(4pcs)
Electric Heating Power 3KW(11pcs)
Power 43KW
Dimension 8200X2750X2450mm
Weight 4900kg


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